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Whiteboard videos and animation videos have emerged as two of the best ways to get your story across to potential customers.

It offers a great way to reach large audiences, convey your core messages and drive traffic to your site in a fun and engaging manner. WhiteboardVideos.ca specializes in producing powerful, engaging and highly cost effective whiteboard videos, RSA animation, 2D animation and explainer videos, which can be used for corporate, promotional, product, educational, training and instructional videos for companies of all sizes. 

WhiteboardVideos.ca, a division of Videoit.ca, produces low-cost, highly effective whiteboard videos and animation videos that will hlep your business increase online and in-store sales, increase traffic, generate leads, enhance visibility, achieve business objectives and put your company's subject matter expertise on display. Whiteboard video and animation video format allows for an easy-to-follow, informative explanation of your product or service.

Our team at WhiteboardVideos.ca is made up of dedicated professionals with expertise in producing whiteboard videos, animation videos, illustrations, directing, videography, pre and post production, video editing, audio engineering, project management, video marketing and copywriting. We tailor these skills for each of our projects to deliver the best possible video to our clients in a cost-effective manner.

Why use whiteboard video?

  • Fun and creative way to teach and learn
  • Effective way to clearly communicate your business message
  • Attract potential visitors to your website
  • Excellent for telling your story
  • Demonstrate how your products or services fit into the lives of your consumers
  • Enhance user experience

Why use animation videos?

  • Eye-catching and attention-grabbing
  • Easy to understand
  • Appeal to everyone
  • Can be used for any product, service, or topic
  • Professional

No matter what your business is, video is one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make. Add a custom whiteboard video or animation video to your website and enhance your marketing strategy.


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